Personalized Transformers In Silicone Insulation

6kV–20kV; 2,5kVA–10kVA*

  • type: TPW-6/7,2    Un = 6 kV
  • type: TPW-6/12     Un = 10 kV
  • type: TPW-6/17,5  Un = 15 kV
  • type: TPW-6/24     Un = 20 kV

6kV–20kV; 5kVA–30kVA*

  • type: TPW-6/7,2-3f    Un = 6 kV
  • type: TPW-6/12-3f     Un = 10 kV
  • type: TPW-6/17,5-3f  Un = 15 kV
  • type: TPW-6/24-3f     Un = 20 kV

* transformers type TPW-6/.../R and TPW-6/…/R/W

Application: auxiliary transformers of medium voltage switchgears, especially mining (underground) switchgears or switchgears in wind power and photovoltaic plants. Transformers are designed to operate in extreme environmental conditions – in very low or very high temperatures, in high humidity or at prolonged increased supply voltage.


  • High resistance to extreme working conditions – high and low temperature
    (permissible workplace temperature: from –55°C to + 95°C)
  • High resistance to increased supply voltage (underground switchgears and wind power and photovoltaic plants)
  • Completely inexplosive nature of the structure
  • Full encapsulation of high voltage and low voltage windings and of other parts
  • Very high vibration resistance
  • Durability and reliability
  • Low idle and active losses (low loss gapless UNICORE® cores)
  • Possibility of adjusting the nominal power of the transformer to the individual customer’s needs
  • Small size and weight

Why silicone?


The materials used: silicone rubber and, among others, NOMEX™ and Thermoflux™ ensure durability and increased flame retardancy of the interwinding insulation of high voltage and low voltage coils and of main insulation.

Low loss UNICORE® cores ensure minimum idle losses, and appropriately selected cross-sections of winding wires with high thermal resistance (200 °C) guarantee low active load losses.

The construction of transformers is completely hermetic and protects the transformer inside (high voltage and low voltage windings) and other transformer parts, e.g. cores, against environmental impact (corrosion). It also increases the durability and reliability of the device.

TPW transformers can be installed in any position, either horizontally or vertically.

Typically, transformers are equipped with two insulated poles – high voltage can be applied in three ways:

  1. Terminals 2 x M10 allowing the installation of any horizontal fuse holders;
  2. 50kV silicone wires of the length adjusted to the customer's requirements;
  3. Special pockets for installation of Schneider vertical fuse holders;

(upon the customer’s request they can have one insulated pole (the second grounded).
Secondary terminals: standard M8 screw terminals or, upon request, Phoenix Contact terminal strips, e.g. UK16N.
Upon request, it is possible to adjust the voltage on the secondary side,
e.g. –5% U2n; –2,5%U2n ; +2,5%U2n ; +5%U2n.
Additionally, upon request, transformers can be installed in metal earthed enclosures with Elastimold bushings:

  • TPW6/17,5 and TPW6/24 (download)
  • TPW6/17,53f and TPW6/243f (download)

Transformex Sp. z o.o. grants a 36-month warranty for the purchased transformers from the date of their commissioning. Upon request, the warranty period can be extended to 60 months.

Tests and certificates:

  1. Research & Development Centre for Electrical Engineering and Automation in Mining EMAG Katowice, Poland: certificate no: 4163/99
  2. Institute of Power Engineering: environmental test –55°C no: EWN/8/E/03
  3. Institute of Electrical Engineering in Warsaw: impulse voltage test, report no: 7998/NBR/2010
  4. Institute of Electrical Engineering in Warsaw: report no: 127/18/NZL/NBR/WN
  5. Institute of Electrical Engineering in Warsaw: certificate no: 0807/NBR/2010
  6. Institute of Electrical Engineering in Warsaw: report from transformer heating tests no: 127/18/NZL/NBR/WN.
  7. Institute of Electrical Engineering in Warsaw: certificate of conformity no: DN/328/2018.

The device meets the standards of:
PN-EN 60076-11:2006; PN-EN 61869-1:2009; PN-EN 61869-3:2011 to the agreed extent

Patent-protected construction. Patent no: P378006.

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